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One of Japan’s busiest port, Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan which lies on the charming Aichi region. It has also long known as the industrial and transport centre of Japan and home to the leading automotive industry in Japan, such as Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi, as well traditional industries such as ceramics and textiles. Yet, the distinctive charm of the city would be no other than the legacy of the majestic Nagoya Castle from the Old Tokugawa dynasty. Although many parts of the city were destroyed during World War II, Nagoya has managed to rapidly grow and even restore the historical remaining and become a major industrial hub in Japan.  

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Nagoya Castle  

Nagoya Castle was first built at the beginning of the Edo period by the Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. It was one of the largest castles in the country, and the castle town grew to become the fourth-largest city in Japan. The castle has an iconic design: the pair of golden fish-like shachihoko statues on the castle’s rooftop. Although the castle was destroyed during World War II, continuous reconstruction and restoration are carried out to return it to its original condition using traditional construction materials and techniques. The castle is also the first in Japan to be designated a National Treasure and is still considered a National Historic site even after its destruction. The palace is regarded as one of the finest examples of Japanese Shoin architecture across Japan.   . 


Opened in April 2017, LEGOLAND Japan is an outdoor theme park for kids aged two to twelve to enjoy a day of fun with their families. There are around 17 million LEGO blocks and 10,000 LEGO models in the theme park, with interactive attractions around the world. The park has over 40 rides, attractions, and shows in eight different areas, with many rides that small children can enjoy. It’sIt’s a place where families can have a truly wonderful day out together. The park is also home to SEA LIFE Nagoya, an aquarium where you can see, touch, and learn about the many surprises of the ocean world. The theme park is truly an imagination that comes to life for many LEGO lovers out there!   

Tokugawa Art Museums  

The Tokugawa Art Museum was founded in 1935 and houses over 10,000 artifacts, with the legacies of Ieyasu Tokugawa comprising the core daimyō family treasures collected and inherited by many generations of the Lords of Owari, starting with Ieyasu’s ninth son, Yoshinao Tokugawa. The collection includes 9 National Treasures, including the Tale of Genji Illustrated Scrolls (Japan’s oldest dynastic novel created at the end of the 10th century by Murasaki Shikibu), and 59 items designated as Important Cultural Properties in Japan. You will find many Japanese swords, armors, kimonos, tea utensils, and other properties with which you are not allowed to take photographs. Right next to the museum is Tokugawa-en, a beautiful, historical Japanese landscape garden with a large pond at the centre of it. The garden was destroyed during the war and was only restored and reopened in 2004.    

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology  

The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology displays the history and future of the company that helped shape Japan, Toyota Group. Although it first started its journey as a textile manufacturer, the group has successfully become one of the leading automobile technologies in the world. Children will particularly enjoy Technoland, which showcases various educational experiences through interactive tools, displays, and devices. At the same time, adult technology enthusiasts will enjoy interactive demonstrations on how the steering and suspension work and so on!     

Nagoya City Science Museum    

The largest planetarium in the whole world, Nagoya City Science Museum is home to three main sections on modern technology, life sciences, and general science with a variety of hands-on permanent and temporary exhibitions. Even from afar, the building is easily identifiable with its gigantic silver spherical dome exterior with a diameter of 35 metres. The facility uses eco-friendly photovoltaics to generate power, with an earthquake-proof structure to ensure safety. Some of the main key attractions not to be missed in the building are the highly realistic starry night sky on the screen, –the 30 degrees celsius room where you can experience the aurora borealis, and a nine-metre tall artificial tornado.  

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