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Travelodge Georgetown

Clan Jetties of Penang

The Clan Jetties of Penang is a tourist attraction featuring villages built above water, a historically and culturally significant spot worth a visit.


This place currently houses seven clans, each featuring its own unique customs and heritage. Each of these charming villages also houses the temples where villagers would partake in traditional rituals such as morning prayers, and religious festivities to commemorate a special day.


This is however, with the exception of the Ong clan, where it remains as a work jetty rather than a place for residence. The Chew Jetty in particular, is the most visited village of them all, with small shops selling different kinds of knick knacks and services, so be sure to support the locals when you visit!


Located near the Clan Jetties are also various eateries to provide you with a nice, hearty meal; the Live Seafood Restaurant is located in front of the Chew Jetty while the Ice Kacang stall is at the front of the Tan Jetty for when you are looking for a cool, refreshing dessert on a particularly hot afternoon.


If you are coming from KOMTAR mall, the journey to the jetty is conveniently located just 10 minutes away by foot. Whereas, if you are coming from the hotel, it will take an 8 minute drive to get there. If you wish to know more about this jetty or its history, you can read more about it on their report regarding this historical gem.