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Travelodge Dongdaemun

Chungbu/ Jungbu Dry Fish Market

Tired of modern malls and themed cafes? Head to the Chungbu Dry Fish Market for an authentic, local experience. Opened in 1959, this is the oldest dried seafood market in South Korea, selling a wide assortment of dried goods – seaweed, squid, anchovies, pollack, ginseng, just to name a few – within a surprisingly well-maintained space for its age


The market truly comes alive in the day, especially in the mornings, where most stalls are open and the sights, sounds and smells of the dried seafood and dried kimchi permeate the atmosphere.


Stall vendors are friendly but competitive, jostling to offer high-quality produce at best prices. Everything sold at this market is up to 30% cheaper than regular markets, and stall vendors are quick to help with sealing sold items for tourists, making it hygienic and convenient to bring a good haul home.


Don’t miss sampling on local food whilst you’re there. We highly recommend Ojang-dong Heungnamjip, a restaurant close to the market that has been serving up naengmyeon, a cold dish featuring long thin buckwheat noodles, for more than six decades. However, if you are just looking to taste-test, then the snacks and seafood choices available at the market should suffice!


Located just 15m away from our hotel, a trip to Chungbu Dry Fish Market is just a stone’s throw away and is easily accessible for our guests!