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Travelodge Myeongdong City Hall

Namdaemun Street Market

First opened in 1964, Namdaemun Market is one of the oldest and the largest traditional market in South Korea, bustling with more than 10,000 retailers, vendors and sellers.


Pulsating with a vibrant, lively atmosphere, Namdaemun Market is both a shopper’s haven and a foodie paradise, home to a maze of stores and stalls that cover more than 66,000 square metres.


This market is the anti-thesis to the glitzy sameness of major modern malls, with its eclectic and dizzying array of products – from fashion items, jewellery, luggage, toys, carpets, stationery, hiking gear, fresh flowers and electronics, as well as a large collection of Korean souvenirs. Be prepared to haggle – that’s half the fun of shopping at Namdaemun!


Street food is another huge draw here. Stalls selling local food is almost everywhere you turn. Spicy rice cakes, plump and juicy Korean dumplings, piping hot noodles and other enticing local delights are on offer here.


Namdaemun Street Market is open 24/7 so it literally never sleeps. Head down for a day of shopping and eating like a local.


Located just 400m away from the hotel, Namdaemun Street Market is just six minutes by foot from the hotel.