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Discover The Best Eats in Ipoh

Discover The Best Eats in Ipoh

Our Travelodge ‘Eat Play Love‘ series continue to present our readers with curated lists of must-see, must-eat and must-do for every destination we’re in!

We’ve curated a delicious list of local favourites not to be missed in charming heritage town!
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Check out our best eats in Ipoh – through the Travelodge Eat Guide, for the local experience.

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Hoong Wan Restaurant (The Best Fish Soup in Ipoh!)
Ipoh is the place to be if you’re a big fan of local fare and authentic flavours. Hoong Wan is one such establishment, and their foodie claim to fame is their signature, fresh-from-the-ocean seafood dishes. Family and friends should really go for the seafood pot, which is the perfect sharing size for three to four people. The seafood pot is a medley of tastes and textures – delicate flower crabs, fresh prawns, hand-made fish paste, thick fish slices, fish maw and crispy lettuce come together in a hearty, healthy broth. Paired with rice noodles or rice, this broth is the perfect mix of sweet and umami notes. Add tantalizing side dishes – we recommend the spicy stir-fried la la (flower clams) or the fried wantons – to complete a satisfying meal.
⏰ Opening Hours: 7.00am-3.00pm Daily (Closed on Tuesdays)
9 mins by car from Travelodge Ipoh



Dai Shu Geok Big Tree Foot (Assam Laksa & Yong Tau Fu)
What’s better than one super popular national dish? Two super popular national dishes available at the same stall so you can satisfy your craving at the same time – or if you’re really adventurous, combine them! Big Tree Foot Assam Laksa and Yong Tau Fu is a beloved local institution, selling these two dishes side-by-side to hungry locals and intrigued tourists alike. Assam Laksa is one of Malaysia’s best-known local favourites. A bed of springy rice vermicelli infused with rich, tangy tamarind gravy, assam laksa is a deceptively simple dish with complex layers of flavours. Yong Tau Fu is a variety of vegetables – such as bittergouards and eggplants – generously stuffed with fresh, hand-made fish paste and minced meat, and then fried to perfection. Here, the Yong Tau Fu selection is prepared daily for optimal freshness. Popular items are sold out quickly, so pro tip – go early and leave happy!
⏰ Opening Hours: 8.30am-5.30pm Daily
7 mins by car from Travelodge Ipoh


Moon De Moon Restaurant
Brunch may be a very Western concept, but we love the idea of local food for brunch! Moon De Moon Restaurant has a menu full of Cantonese deliciousness, but our vote goes to their Shredded Chicken Hor Fun or Kai Si Hor Fun. Silky rice noodles, cooked perfectly, is tossed in a thick, flavoursome sauce, reduced for hours and making it the perfect complement for the noodles, poached chicken – shredded so that every forkful guarantees an equal bite of starch and protein – and fresh prawns. Pair this with an aromatic, full-bodied white coffee and start the day like any true-blue Ipoh local!
⏰ Opening Hours: 7.00am-1.00pm Daily (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
9 mins by car from Travelodge Ipoh



Thean Chun Restaurant
If you’re in the mood for something sweet, then indulge in Ipoh’s favourite local dessert – Caramel Egg Custard. This dessert creation combines silky smooth, melt-in-your-mouth egg custard with rich, indulgent caramel syrup. Thean Chun Restaurant has been churning these sweet treats out since the 1960s, using a special recipe that ensures no one else can quite replicate this dish! Addictively delicious without being cloying sweet, many loyal fans have been known to have more than one serving at one go. A family favourite and definitely on our list of ‘not to be missed’ in Ipoh.
⏰ Opening Hours: 8.00am-3.00pm Daily (Closed on Thursdays)
6 mins by car from Travelodge Ipoh




Deen CT Corner Cendol
While many Southeast Asian countries serve one variety or another of Cendol – a shaved ice dessert enriched by a variety of ingredients – we’ve definitely found a cendol that’s not your average dessert. Deen CT Corner Cendol offers all the usual ingredients in their Cendol, including freshly-made pandan jelly strips, chewy attap seeds and red beans, all generously drenched in gula meleka (brown sugar syrup) and coconut milk, but their version includes a savoury spoonful of glutinous rice. This creative addition adds texture and taste, complementing the other ingredients while alleviating the dessert to other level. Sedap! Perfect for a mid-afternoon break or a sweet ending after a big meal – especially on a warm sunny day.
⏰ Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday and Saturday: 12.30pm-6.30pm
Sunday: 11.30am-6.30pm
Closed on Fridays
6 mins by car from Travelodge Ipoh